Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial

Ontario requires tilt-up innovation to create the business environments of tomorrow.

Industrial and commercial business leaders are more focused on business prosperity thanks to Tilt Wall Ontario’s superior concrete wall construction. Tilt-up construction has become one of Ontario’s most popular building methods to create manufacturing centres, office structures, retail stores, restaurants and more.

Tilt Wall fulfils the needs of Ontario-based developers by providing a structural solution that lowers costs, expedites timelines, eases stress, reduces complexities and delivers a more durable structure.

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“We have consistently found the management and staff at Tilt Wall Ontario to be professional, thorough, and possess a high level of technical expertise.”

Barry L. & Dennis L.Barry Bryan Associates (BBA)

Why Choose Tilt-Up Construction for Commercial & Industrial Buildings?

Fast Construction

Site-cast concrete construction is now known as the faster way to build quality buildings here in Ontario. Tilt Wall is the tilt-up industry leader, proving time and time again to retail, office and manufacturing leaders that forming all-in-one concrete panels on-site and tilting them into place results in significant time savings. Reducing the length of a construction schedule is key for everyone in the building process, including architects, developers, general contractors and tenants.

Energy Efficient

The biggest costs of a commercial or industrial building are often the operational costs, including the energy required to heat and cool the structure once fully operational. The insulated sandwich concrete panels of a tilt-up wall help to absorb, store and release energy, reducing the amount of money that developers spend over the course of the building’s life.

By casting each panel on-site, the size is not limited to a transport truck trailer – tilt-up panels are typically 20-30 feet wide and can weigh over 200,000 lbs. This greatly reduces thermal bridging and ensures continuous insulation throughout walls.

Durable Structure

Concrete is a very strong, long-lasting building material that can withstand most of what its occupants or climate can throw at it. Exterior tilt-up walls often have two layers of concrete, with insulation between the two, resulting in an ultra-durable solution that resists storms, accidents, vermin, insects, mould, chemicals, corrosion, abrasion and much more. By choosing a structure that is more durable than alternatives, it will retain its value longer and last for generations to come.

Winter Construction

The speed of business should not slow down in an Ontario winter, which is why tilt-up construction doesn’t pause over the cooler months either. Tilt Wall has faced many situations where projects needed concrete curing to take place in -30 C temperatures and tackled this challenge head-on by using large, insulated tarps, ground heaters and concrete admixtures.

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