Build Better Recreational and Public Works Facilities in Ontario with Tilt-Up Construction

Ontario’s public infrastructure situation is at its breaking point: the need to replace ageing facilities and the need to build innovative sports and recreation centres is increasing as our population rises. Only one construction method is able to face these challenges head-on: tilt-up construction.

The method of casting concrete walls on foundation slabs and tilting them into position is not new, but it has now been perfected by Tilt Wall Ontario. Our experience in erecting the structures of public facilities has resulted in millions of dollars saved across our province while providing a long list of value-added benefits for architects, developers, contractors and many more key project support specialists.

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“I had the pleasure of working with Tiltwall Ontario Inc. when I was the Operations Manager for Graham construction and Engineering Inc. in Toronto, Ontario. This was my first personal experience with this interesting construction method and I can say that the Overbeek brother’s high level of experience and fair business dealings made the experience smooth and successful.”

Reynder Van der MeulenOperations Manager

Benefits of Tilt-Up Construction for Public Facilities

Lower Upfront Building Costs

For 20 years, Tilt Wall has used the low-cost site-cast construction technique to save clients money. Whether it is through process efficiencies, lower-cost building materials, using less labour or reducing construction timelines, we know that every taxpayer’s dollar counts for public facilities.

Longer-Lasting Structures

One of the biggest challenges facing governments is the need to replace ageing and derelict structures while also building innovative new spaces for residents to occupy. A key requirement is to build structures that last longer; buildings need to be built from stronger materials, like concrete.

Faster Construction

Tilt-up construction is perhaps best known for its ability to finish a concrete structure in significantly less time than other building methods. Casting wall panels takes as little as a few days, and a complete public works facility or recreational building structure can be raised in a week or two. The efficient process makes the construction process easier for everyone involved.

Lower Energy Costs

The total cost to construct a building is just a fraction of the actual amount spent on operating it, which means that energy consumption is one of the biggest long-term expenses of a facility’s life.

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