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Tilt Wall’s subsidiary JanVeek Concrete Homes constructs affordable homes that are built to last. Using fast techniques and simple materials, the entire construction process can only take a few months. Plus our energy-efficient designs provide superior heating and cooling, contributing to sustainability and long-term savings.

Simply choose your favourite layout, customize the features and start enjoying your new concrete home sooner than you ever thought possible!

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“Buying a tilt-up concrete home is simple, like buying a car.”

Advantages of Tilt-Up Construction for New Home Construction

Durability & Safety

Think of a tilt-up concrete home as a safe shelter. Concrete withstands strong winds, fires, floods and other disaster events significantly better than conventional wood-framed homes.

Efficiency & Sustainability

Tilt-up concrete homes have two things traditional homes lack: super-effective insulation and thermal mass. This powerful duo makes your home incredibly energy efficient, which means you’ll stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Fast Construction

Fewer materials + less labour = faster design and construction. Tilt-up concrete homes can be built in just 3–4 months, without compromising quality.


Kiss sticker shock goodbye. JanVeek tilt-up concrete homes are designed to speed up construction and reduce building costs, making homeownership a reality for many more Ontarians.

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