Inspire your congregation and reduce your operational costs

Ontario’s churches – both progressive and contemporary – appreciate the focus of Tilt Wall to deliver on its promise of raising beautiful, high-quality structures that not only meet the needs of their congregations today but have the efficiency and durability to last for many generations of parishioners to come.

Funds for these projects largely depend on donations, therefore Tilt Wall often works with tight budgets and stringent timelines, delivering a religious building in as little as four months!

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“I have no hesitation in recommending Tilt Wall Ontario Inc. as a highly competent concrete Tilt-Up Contractor, capable of handling any project, based on our years of experience working with them.”

Barry L. & Dennis L.Barry Bryan Associates (BBA)

Why Do Religious Organizations Choose Tilt-Up Construction?

Tilt-Up Lowers Construction Costs

Since the vast majority of church construction funds come from the generosity of its worship community, every dollar counts. That is why tilt-up construction is so often awarded contracts for religious buildings – we understand this need, and take great lengths to reduce costs.

Using tilt-up can reduce expensive prefabrication since most work is performed on-site; it can reduce the number of workers needed since the tilt-up process is quite simple compared to lumber or steel construction; it will cut transportation costs since many materials are locally sourced; and it will eliminate the need for vertical forming and scaffolding.

Tilt-Up Has High Durability

Retain your church’s value with the security and strength of highly durable concrete. Concrete churches maintain their appearance and structural integrity while reducing the ever-present costs of maintenance. Concerns such as rodent infestation, fire, rot and mould are also greatly reduced.

Tilt-Up is Fully Customizable

Any church built with tilt-up panels can be an attractive building in which its members take pride. Although many people think that concrete can only form practical rectangular walls, Tilt Wall enjoys the challenge and beauty of using curved wall panels, and slanted walls that can help to give extra beauty to a church’s interior and exterior. An unlimited array of colourings and patterns can be added to transform a ‘plain’ wall into a stunning display of creativity for generations to come.

Tilt-Up Reduces Long-Term Operational Expenses

Did you know that the major costs of a building are not in its construction? That’s right – more than 90% of a facility’s cost is in its operational expenses. That’s why choosing tilt-up construction for your church project is the best possible choice you can make when you consider its cost. Highly insulated and durable concrete walls will help to keep rooms at a favourable temperature so that your heating and cooling systems are required far less than you imagine.

When you also weigh in the reduction in maintenance expenses, you end up with a surprisingly much lower capital investment and a much higher ability to effectively change lives in your community.

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