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Reduce your construction costs, save energy and design your school for durability

More than ever before, school boards are challenged to respond to huge enrollment increases, smaller budgets for capital projects and ageing facilities. Ontario has a tremendous need for constructing new or renovating educational facilities that can be opened on a tight schedule. Beyond space issues, there is a growing concern about indoor air quality, sustainability, mould and a tighter building envelope to reduce operational costs. Tilt-up construction makes it an obvious choice for school boards seeking to ensure the best facility possible for their budget, their staff and their students.

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“I would highly recommend Tilt-Wall construction Ontario as they treat all members of the team with respect and deliver on their commitments. I look forward to working with Tilt-Wall again in the future.”

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Advantages of Tilt-Up Construction for Schools & Universities

Reduced Construction Costs

Tilt-up construction’s innovative technique involves casting large wall panels on site. This reduces transportation costs and ensures much of the manual labour takes place safely at ground level, helping to reduce labour costs. The load-bearing properties of tilt-up construction also greatly reduce the amount of steel required.

Highly Efficient Design

The thermal mass properties of concrete allow it to absorb and retain heat energy, reducing school heating and cooling costs throughout the year. The exterior concrete walls are fully insulated from top to bottom, edge-to-edge, eliminating all thermal bridging. The tilt-up sandwich panels have a typical R-value of R20, and can go as high as R56.


Tilt Wall’s structures are built to last generations, and each school is designed to resist severe storms, earthquakes and even damages from students! Concrete is an easy-to-maintain surface for janitors while providing staff and students with a fire-resistant and rodent-resistant centre for learning.

Architectural Freedom

Why limit your school to a concrete box when there is a world of possibilities through tilt-up construction? Let your students’ and teachers’ imaginations go wild with playful exterior and hallway designs with any shape of wall panel you want, an unlimited array of colours, fun textures and brick patterns.

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