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Warehouses & Distribution

Storing and distributing goods has never been more efficient

When you cast your concrete walls onsite instead of shipping them to the jobsite, you will simplify your schedule, reduce your workforce, lower your transportation costs and open yourself up to larger wall panels that reduce your building’s operational costs.

In Ontario’s current construction climate Tilt Wall is seeing a huge need for flexible warehousing built quickly. Many of our past and present clients not only get their projects completed well ahead of their pre-Tilt Wall schedule, but they receive a more durable structure that can withstand the demands of an industry moving at a breakneck pace.

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“We have consistently found the management and staff at Tilt Wall Ontario to be professional, thorough, and possess a high level of technical expertise.”

Barry L. & Dennis L.Barry Bryan Associates (BBA)

Why is Tilt-Up Construction the Best Construction Method for Fulfillment Centres, Warehouses and Distribution Centres?

Tilt-Up is Fast

Tilt Wall has 20 years of experience building a wide range of concrete structures, and in doing so has developed a very efficient process to save developers significant time on their projects. With the tilt-up panels acting as a load bearing element, most of the perimeter steel and concrete piers are eliminated, significantly speeding up the construction process.

Tilt-Up Saves Energy

Extremely large open spaces often have equally large utility bills. By using wall panels built of mostly concrete, the thermal mass properties help to retain and release heat, thereby reducing the need to heat or cool the space.

Each exterior tilt-up panel is also built with a sandwiched layer of insulation, and designed with very few thermal breaks, further reducing the heating and cooling requirements for building owners.

Tilt-Up Uses Long-Lasting Materials

Concrete, steel reinforcement and insulation – by combining these three to form the structure of your warehouse facility Tilt Wall will give you a highly durable solution that can last for decades to come. Localized damage, perhaps from errant forklifts, would be minimized, and damage from fire and other natural forces would be negligible as well.

Tilt-Up Can Reduce Construction Costs and Long-Term Expenses

There are many ways that your distribution centre’s costs can be reduced when you choose Tilt Wall. Consider that practically every step of the process costs less: only a small crew is needed to create concrete forms and pour at ground level; each panel cures onsite where it will be erected; fewer professional trades are required; fewer finished materials are transported; local materials reduce vehicle usage; and fewer manufactured components are installed in the finished product.

Also, as we previously mentioned, with a reduction in energy requirements, your warehouse owner’s long-term operational costs will be greatly reduced – remember that a building’s construction cost is between 5 and 10% of the actual amount paid to operate it.

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