2018 TCA Contractor of the Year

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Tilt Wall Ontario is a subcontractor committed to bringing tilt-up to the Ontario construction industry since 2001. Originally founded as a company in 2002, Tilt Wall Ontario had a tough uphill battle pushing a “new” method of construction in a market that hates change and had seen very few tilt-up buildings. With very little progress having been made in the first few years, the original owners wanted out and Dave Overbeek bought into the company. With his and Len’s passion for tilt-up they were slowly able to gain acceptance as a way of building.

Tilt Wall’s mission statement rings very true with our organization and has been the key to our success. “It is our objective to build lasting relationships, and impact the lives of those around us in a positive way, by training staff to become leaders, providing quality products and service to customers that exceed expectations. Creativity has also played a key role in a market where tilt-up was relatively unknown. Realizing this meant that no project was ever too small, our building sizes range from 480 to 200,000 square feet. The flexibility of tilt-up has allowed us to create some very unique structures including a house for Len. Having used thin brick, stone, custom rubber moldings, form liners, colored concrete, stamps, stains and polished concrete has allowed us to build virtually all types of projects. Over the years we have been recognized by the Ontario concrete industry for outstanding work with awards on 5 of our projects. Versatility has allowed us to work on a large variety of buildings ranging from; schools, offices, warehouses, sport facilities, food storage and handling facilities, houses, livestock buildings and more. The size of our panels has ranged from 21 to 1,700 square feet with our heaviest weighing in at 166,000 pounds.

Promoting the use of tilt-up in our market has been a very big part of our success. We stay very active promoting lunch and learns to many members of the design community. Participating in our Canadian Construction shows has also brought awareness to the Ontario market. Now no longer perceived as a fad or even an alternate we are finding more and more projects coming out to tender designed as tilt-up. Our four current projects along with numerous projects that are in the design stage testify to the growing acceptance of tilt-up as a way of building.

Unsurpassed by all of the above is being a member of the TCA since 2002! Attending the conventions year after year has kept the optimism up. The support of the organization and peers in the tilt-up industry has helped us become what we are today! The 4 Achievement Awards that we have won prior to this year are highlights in our careers. We are proud to be a certified member of the TCA.

TCA’s Contractor of the Year award recognizes an individual or company whose work offers the very best examples of tilt-up construction. From craftsmanship to safety, customer service, and collaboration, these contractors are an example for our entire industry to follow.

2018 Contractor of the Year