2018 TCA Tilt-Up Achievement Award - Overbeek Residence

Overbeek Residence - Tilt Wall Ontario 02

From the outside, this 6-bedroom, 2,900 sq. ft. house is indistinguishable from a conventionally-built residence. As a compromise between the owner’s dream of a tilt-up home and his wife’s requirement that it look like any other house in Ontario meant it had to have very traditional looking materials on the exterior. The result is a testament to the versatility and adaptability of tilt-up construction, all while virtually matching the cost of traditional construction.

Some unique characteristics include 6′ returns on the front porch, a 12′ wide half octagon poured with the roof, a 30′ high chimney was built with a 12″ flue, an opening for the fireplace and a mantel poured in, panels extended from the footing (one floor below finished grade) to the peak of the roof, for a total height of 38′-10″. Each of the 39 panels was unique which resulted in a lot of different bracing and lifting configurations. 3D bump outs were constructed on the front of the house by creating false form work, so that parts of the panels on the exterior protrude by 12 inches. All exterior panels were a sandwich panel with a 3″ exterior 4″ of foam and 5″ load bearing concrete. Delta tie was the connector choice. 95% of the interior surface was left as concrete, and a variety of finishes were used from form liners, to specialty painting and even some polished concrete. With the electrical being embedded within the wall and much of the panels being painted, most visitors are fooled to believe the interior of the panels is simply drywall.

This project is a true demonstration of how we as tilt-up concrete professionals can put our families in a safe, durable, energy efficient building that protects us from the natural elements.


The Tilt-Up Achievement Awards were established to honor projects that use site-cast tilt-up concrete to introduce new building types, advance industry technology and provide unique solutions to building programs. Winning entries illustrate the variety, beauty, and flexibility of tilt-up construction.

2018 Tilt-Up Achievement Award

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