Using Tilt-up Construction to Overcome the Challenges Facing the Construction Industry

Lifting Tilt Up Panels - Tilt Wall Ontario

Construction industry professionals attending the 5th Annual Canadian Concrete Expo (CCE) will be introduced to the building method that can save time, money, energy and much more.

The CCE is Canada’s only national trade show dedicated to the concrete, aggregates, and construction industries and is the must-attend event of the year for those who seek to improve their operations. It will be presented at the International Centre in Toronto, February 16–17, 2023.

The Must-See Conference Session That Will Change Your Business

Presenting at the event is one of the top 20 most influential tilt-up professionals in the World, Len Overbeek from Tilt Wall Ontario. 

His presentation will explain how the construction industry uses tilt-up to overcome the many challenges faced by developers, engineers and contractors. 

Watch this video for a sneak peek into Len Overbeek’s exclusive Conference Session:

How Does Tilt-up Overcome Your Challenges?

With the many challenges facing today’s construction industry, including labour, material shortages and rising costs, tilt-up construction is a perfect solution that uses mostly local trades and up to ⅓ less labour.  

A tilt-up panel consists of three main components: concrete, rebar and XPS insulation. The all-in-one load-bearing tilt-up system greatly reduces dependence on other materials and is an economical solution in today’s inflationary market.

Len Overbeek - Tilt Wall Ontario


Learn much more in the session:

Using Tilt-up Construction to Overcome the Challenges Facing the Construction Industry

Date & Time: Friday, Feb 17, 2023 at 12:15 pm
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Pegasus Room B
Registration: $50 + tax

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