Construct Any Building With This One Technique

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Whether you are building a million-square-foot fulfillment centre, a two-storey school or an affordable-housing apartment building, tilt-up construction brings limitless possibilities to every project. 

Tilt-up construction involves casting concrete wall panels on site and tilting them into place. The panels can be built complete with insulation, electrical, cavities and conduits, saving considerable time, money and energy throughout the wall construction process. 

Tilt Wall is Ontario’s tilt-up construction leader, with 20 years of experience in making the construction process – as well as the buildings themselves – better than ever before. 

What Types of Buildings Are Possible With Tilt-up Construction? 

Although tilt-up construction can benefit any building type, the eight structures outlined below are popular options that see the most value in choosing tilt-up.

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Warehousing & Distribution

Spacious, durable, flexible and low cost – this is what Ontario’s builders of warehouse and fulfilment centre require, and this is what Tilt Wall delivers.

Massive spaces consume massive amounts of energy when fully operational, which is one reason why global businesses that build in Ontario choose tilt-up construction. Insulated wall panels help to lower energy consumption since each exterior tilt-up panel is built with a sandwiched layer of insulation, and designed with very few thermal breaks, further reducing the heating and cooling requirements for building owners. Learn More


Schools & Universities

Consider your local school board – enrollment is fluctuating, budgets are tightening and buildings are aging. Yet new schools are urgently needed. 

Forward-thinking school boards in Ontario give Tilt Wall an A+ for their creative and practical ability to create safe, cost-effective and durable structures. How is it possible? Tilt-up construction can build over the winter months, reducing timelines to meet fall opening schedules. Tilt-up also uses local resources whenever possible, saving money. And with insulated walls designed for Canadian winters, lower energy costs will reap savings for decades to come. Learn More


Condominiums & Apartments

Ontario’s need for housing is growing faster than ever before, with developers urgently seeking innovative ways to combat the growing crisis.

For more than 20 years here in Ontario, tilt-up construction has been proven to reduce costs, provide a more durable structure, expedite schedules and leave a more energy-efficient building. 

These benefits are ideal for condos and apartments, especially at a time when affordable housing is in such dire need. A great example of how tilt-up can help is in the Home for Good affordable housing project in Belleville. The wall panels for the 40-unit building were even cast through winter, a feat practically impossible with conventional concrete construction techniques. Learn More



Tilt Wall’s institutional success stories have been proven to reduce operational costs and simultaneously deliver durable structures that last longer. Whether you are building a police station, park pavilion or mechanical building, your municipality will enjoy the benefits of a stunning exterior with the practicalities you need in a structure: strength, durability, insulating properties and cost-effectiveness. Learn More

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Commercial & Industrial 

Tilt-up cuts your construction schedule, reduces costs and delivers an energy-efficient structure, whether it is a recycling centre, multi-tenant office building, transfer station or manufacturing centre, our concrete panels sandwiched with insulation makes the walls of your facility strong, efficient and more cost-effective than you ever thought possible.

Share with us your vision for your manufacturing facility or office structure and we will help to give it life. Learn More

Agricultural - Tilt Wall Ontario


Ontario’s farmers celebrate tilt-up’s durable walls and their ability to be virtually fireproof while being resistant to rodents and bugs. Casting the wall panels onsite with basic resources reduces the project’s impact on the environment, as it did with Algoma Orchards.

And for cost savings, tilt-up uses primarily locally sourced materials, ground-level construction work and high R-value insulation.

Yet another critical benefit for ag facilities is the safety and sound protection of those who use them. Tri-layered walls (including a layer of additional sound-deafening insulation) can lower loud noises from heavy machinery and animals. Learn More

Top 10 Tilt-Up Building Designs Across North America - Crossroads Christian Church Children's Building - TiltWall Ontario


More than just a place to worship once a week, today’s churches need to be low-maintenance, voluminous, flexible community gathering spaces. Funded mostly by donations, every dollar spent on a construction project must be put to good use, so tilt-up is quickly becoming an option for congregations throughout Ontario. 

How is it possible? Tilt-up panels can be quickly cast using a small crew, and when the building is enclosed, the walls can immediately help to reduce operational costs by keeping the space comfortable and inviting for parishioners. Read More


Let your imagination go wild, and allow us to help you develop a tilt-up solution for whatever project you have in mind. Thinking of an eco-friendly home? We’ve done that. Garbage enclosure? Yes, that too. Even a hobby shop, barn and sign pylon. Whatever you can dream, trust your tilt-up team to make it come to life. Read More

Take the Next Step in Building With the Flexibility of Tilt-up

The most important step you can take to benefit your project and everyone involved is to reach out to Tilt Wall Ontario’s business development manager – Len Overbeek – at

Len will share with you much more about the benefits of tilt-up and how it can make your project come to life.