How Much Does a Tilt-Up Building Cost?

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Choosing the right construction methods and materials can save millions in the long run

Tilt-up construction can save building owners more money than you may think. Studies show that the total cost to construct a building is between 5 and 10% of the actual amount paid to own and operate it. That means if you’re spending $1,000,000 on your new building’s construction, the cost when factoring in other long-term expenses such as maintenance and operating costs can be as high as $10,000,000.

Tilt-up construction allows for cost-conscious builders and owners to create an exceptional building at a better price while also tackling the elephant in the room – the massive costs required to operate the building and the large sums that can be saved over the long term.


Enjoy Immediate Savings

The costs to complete the construction of a tilt-up building can be less than conventional methods. This is due to:

  • More ground-level work which results in no scaffolding and smaller crews
  • Can be completed faster than conventional methods
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Can utilize lower-skilled labour
  • Less dependency on manufactured parts

Let’s take a look at some actual numbers:

Cost Comparison on Commercial Development

Tilt-Up (7-month schedule)Conventional (9-month schedule)
General Requirements$618,478.00$738,478.00
Concrete Work$930,842.00$1,367,497.00
Masonry and precast$1,419,738.00
Interior demising walls$216,486.00$472,486.00
Structural steel/misc. metals$998,580.00$1,520,180.00

Cost Comparison on Schools

One Storey

School Name Location Type Floor Area sq. ft. Bid Amount Per Foot
Holland Marsh District Christian SchoolNewmarketTilt-Up30,490$4,488,800$147.21
Grace Christian SchoolDundasTilt-Up28,200$4,700,000$166.67
Half Moon Bay Elementary School IIOttawaConventional49,570$9,092,000$183.42
Avalon Catholic Elementary SchoolOrleansConventional 49,356$9,093,800$184.25

Multi Storey

School NameLocationTypeFloor Area sq. ft.Bid AmountPer Foot
Findlay Creek Elementary SchoolFindlay CreekTilt-Up73,000$12,797,000$175.30
Half Moon Bay Elementary SchoolOttawaTilt-Up63,720$11,652,000$182.86
Broadview Public SchoolOttawaTilt-Up74,180$15,547,000$209.58
Kingston Centre Catholic Elementary SchoolKingstonConventional35,000$7,953,000$227.23
Fernbank SchoolStittsvilleConventional110,000$25,178,000$228.89

Enjoy Long-Term Savings

Tilt-up construction can lead to significant savings in the long term – where 90% of a building’s costs actually lie. Looking at these savings is crucial in determining your construction method of choice:

  • Large well-insulated wall panels reduce the need for heating and cooling
  • Fewer air-gaps, and no thermal bridges in walls
  • Reduced cleaning required
  • Stronger load-bearing material, so less prone to damage
  • Maintains its appearance
  • Concrete walls resist moisture better than conventional methods
  • Easy to repaint if a new colour is desired

Long-Term Savings
Total energy costs can be cut by up to 35%. Here is a comparison of two new tilt-up construction projects and two using conventional designs.

A Tilt-Up Building Can Result in Huge Savings Today and Tomorrow
As you can see by looking at the information above, you can achieve a lower price with tilt-up construction, but the true savings comes when you factor in the long-term occupancy and maintenance costs.

Whether you’re an owner or an architect, think of tomorrow when you’re deciding on a building today. Ensure you’re considering the long-term cost efficiencies while also keeping your construction costs to a minimum.

Take the Next Step
Learn more about the upfront and long-term cost savings of tilt-up construction by contacting Tilt Wall – explore or call 519-602-2990. A friendly and helpful tilt-up expert will be happy to speak with you about short- and long-term cost savings.