How to Add Colours, Curves and Coatings to Your Concrete Walls

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Your imagination can run wild when you choose the construction technique more industry professionals than ever rely on: tilt-up.

Tilt-up construction is helping Ontario’s construction industry build faster, stronger and more efficiently. It also adds creativity to every project, transforming a simple rectangular building into an architectural masterpiece.

Whether you want a splash of something special inside or outside, tilt-up concrete wall panels can be customized with specific colours, textures, shapes and styles to make your building stand out. 

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How Does Tilt-up Do It?

Tilt-up construction involves casting concrete wall panels on-site either on the building floor or separate casting slabs. They are then ‘tilted’ into position using cranes. 

During the concrete wall panel assembly stage, formliners can be inserted to create patterns. This is often used to create a brick facade or other simple patterns that catch the eye. Pigments can also be added to the concrete batches to deliver a consistent colour throughout the concrete or a protective stain can be added depending on the effect the owner is seeking.


Using Colour and Design in Ontario’s Sports Facilities

The Bowmanville Indoor Soccer/Lacrosse Bowl is an indoor recreational facility with a full-size artificial turf playing field measuring 180 feet by 100 feet. The motif of the soccer ball, which was cast on the ground and tilted into place, is transcribed into the coloured concrete wall surface and is playfully “bounced” along the building elevations with a significant presence of a major highway. 

Although with the unique design elements, tilt-up construction was also chosen to meet the tithing construction schedule, reduce costs, lower future maintenance costs and ensure the building lasts longer. 

Learn more about the Bowmanville indoor recreational facility here.

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Cultivating Creativity in Schools from the Outside In

Years after its completion, Broadview Public School’s brickwork and handprint designs still make students ‘WOW.’ 

The two-storey school began construction in September 2015 and was ready for opening 11 months later in August 2016 because of the time savings made possible through tilt-up construction.

To save time, wall panels were cast through winter. Although the schedule was tight, there was still time to add a dash of creativity. Students’ hand imprints and embedded brick patterns were used as design elements on the exterior insulated walls.

Learn more about the Broadview Public School project here.

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Concrete Creativity is Possible with Tilt Wall

Tilt Wall is Ontario’s tilt-up construction leader, with more than 20 years of experience in exceeding our customers’ expectations with creativity embedded in every project we take on. 

Reach out to our Ontario design team to discuss your next project or learn more about the creative process when you choose tilt-up.