Make Your Next Warehouse in Ontario Stronger Than Ever


Tilt-up construction is used by leading developers across North America to build quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. But for many building owners, concrete’s durability is a key benefit.

With exterior walls built using two layers of concrete, a tilt-up wall panel can resist not only the forces of nature, but also damage caused by human error. A building with tilt-up walls can be impenetrable for hundreds of years. 

Tilt-up is Stronger Than Wood

Unlike wood construction, concrete reduces the risk of water penetration, insect infestations or rodents gnawing their way into places they shouldn’t. Concrete is also non-flammable.

If a truck mistakenly backs into a wall or a forklift operator takes a joy ride into your wall, few damages will likely be noticed.

Tilt-up is More Durable Than Steel

Although structure steel columns add strength to a structure by ensuring a strong skeleton, the pre-engineered steel often chosen to wrap around this structure is flimsy and susceptible to punctures and dents. 

Trust the durability of tilt-up to resist damage, and provide quick and inexpensive fixes if/when damage does occur.

Tilt-up Has More Durability Than Precast

Precast panels can require far more perimeter structural steel supports to compensate for their weakness. This can also result in hundreds of thousands of dollars added to your budget and weeks of installation time.

Building a Facility That is Safe and Sound 

The Copper Stripper Warehouse in Woodstock was built for durability and sound emanation.

The exterior walls were built of two layers of concrete sandwiched with insulation to greatly reduced the facility’s noise. The durability of the concrete walls will also help to ensure the building stands for generations while providing the owner significant cost savings for heating and cooling the space.

Learn more about the Copper Stripper Warehouse here.


Hamilton’s Most-Durable Fulfillment Centre

Today, ‘Project Dakota’ stands as a giant 855,000-square-foot fulfillment centre next to John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. The developer sought a construction solution that would not only deliver a high-quality product in a very short window, but it would also need to be a long-lasting, durable exterior wall structure. The exterior was finished with an elastomeric coating, ten times thicker than paint, to further increase the walls’ durability.

Read more about ‘Project Dakota’ here.

Finished Project Dakota Amazon Tilt Up

Building Durable Structures in Ontario Starts By Contacting Tilt Wall

Whether you are dreaming of a strong new school, warehouse, condominium or anything else that requires the benefits of tilt-up construction, your team here at Tilt Wall is available to assist you with providing advice and support to make your building more durable than any alternative.

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