Tilt-up Construction Puts a (Lower) Price on Education

Tilt-up-Construction-Puts-a-Lower-Price-on-Education-Tilt-Wall-Ontario-Featured-Image-Tilt Up

Ontario taxpayers, it’s time to rejoice! School boards in need of innovation can now act smarter and faster when they choose to build new structures. It’s only possible with the construction technique that reduces costs and creates a superior structure for students and staff.

The construction method is called ‘tilt-up’, a process that involves forming and casting concrete walls onsite, and tilting them into place. Doing so has already had numerous benefits for schools throughout Ontario, including those in Toronto, Dundas, Guelph, Ottawa, Brantford and more.

As you may have read in our other article on the speed of tilt-up construction, there are many aspects of the construction process that cut time. When time is saved, and students get into the classroom sooner, costs are often less than otherwise possible.

How Does Tilt-up Construction Reduce School Construction Costs?

Tilt Wall are Ontario’s experts at giving taxpayers value for their money when it comes to school renovations and construction. In the construction process, there are many ways that tilt-up reduces costs:

  • Tilt-up uses significant ground-level work which results in no scaffolding and faster/easier work for labourers.
  • Tilt-up needs only small crew numbers, ensuring less worksite complexity.
  • Casting insulated concrete wall panels onsite greatly reduces transportation costs.
  • Tilt-up does not require as many highly skilled professionals.
  • Insulated sandwich panels have very few manufactured parts. Most aspects of tilt-up construction require only concrete, insulation and few steel parts.
  • Tilt-up panels are load bearing, which helps to eliminate exterior columns and piers.

Add all of this together and you end up with a highly durable product that’s completed faster and less expensive than comparable construction methods. That’s right: earlier occupancy in school construction is now possible!

That’s all well and good, but most costs of a building occur after the completion of construction. Let’s see what Tilt Wall can help with that too…

How Does Tilt-up Construction Reduce School Costs Over Its Entire Lifetime?

School boards are in luck. For those looking for long-term cost savings, tilt-up construction again comes to the rescue:

  • Durable concrete walls reduce maintenance costs.
  • Energy efficiency insulated wall panels reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling.
  • Concrete interiors and exteriors maintain their appearance for decades.

Do Your School Leaders Know About Tilt-up Construction?

To learn about Tilt Wall’s many educational facility success stories and see if tilt-up construction is right for your next school expansion or new build, call Tilt Wall at 519-602-2990 or email info@tiltwall.ca. We can also provide you with a brochure on the benefits of tilt-up construction for your school for you to share with others.