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As challenging times face the Canada, construction industry needs to rely on innovative ways to reduce wasted time and money. At the same time, aggravations of material and labour shortages need to be dealt with. Tilt-up construction performed by Tilt Wall Ontario is a sound answer to cut costs, save time and get things done better than ever before.

Tilt-up construction is an all-in-one system in which concrete wall panels are cast onsite with insulation at ground level and ‘tilted’ into position using cranes. This results in a faster construction process than other methods, such as precast and concrete blocks, and is more cost-effective.

What Does a Tilt-Up Wall Panel Look Like?

A tilt-up panel is created at ground level with many of the essential elements your structure needs:

Architectural finish – beautifying with patterns, colours, and finishes

Protective air barrier – shielding your structure from air penetration

Insulation – keeping your interior spaces comfortable

Structural layer – providing load-bearing support

Interior finish – completing the look

Why Choose Tilt-Up Construction?

Cost Effective

The walls of your building can be raised faster since each concrete panel is built onsite. Local materials are chosen as much as possible, and fewer professional trades are needed. The load-bearing elements of a tilt-up panel greatly reduce the amount of structural steel required, increasing the overall savings on the project.

Energy Efficiency

Using continuous insulation sandwiched between two layers of concrete results in fewer thermal bridges and insulation values as high as R50!

Architectural Freedom

The unlimited design and beauty of tilt-up allow endless possibilities and are limited to the creativity of the design team.


Along with being one of the strongest materials you can build with, concrete is fire resistant, easily repaired and also resists corrosion, rotting, rust and insect infestation.

Speed of Construction

Many of the key activities are completed onsite, safely at ground level. These include panel forming and concrete pouring, which expedites the process and results in a faster ROI for developers.

Reduced Maintenance

Concrete can last for decades with only minimal upkeep required.

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