What We Do

What We Do

Using the power of insulated concrete panels and an equally strong team of professionals, Tilt Wall can quickly create highly durable, efficient and cost-effective building structures anywhere in Ontario.

Founded in 2002, Tilt Wall is an award-winning subcontractor that delivers rock-solid building structures in Ontario using tilt-up construction. Through a commitment to excellence at every step of the building process – from project design to panel fabrication to wall finishing – Tilt Wall has become Ontario’s innovative construction leader.

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Our Services


We will help you research and gain value by incorporating tilt-up innovation in your project.

Design & Planning

Our team will help you design and approve the plans for your concrete tilt-up structure.

On-Site Construction

Tilt Wall’s construction and project management ensure ‘seamless’ wall forming and tilting processes.

Wall Finishing

After panels have been erected, patterns and reveals are exposed, panel joints are caulked and coatings in a colour of your choice can be added to the concrete.

Tilt Wall is Experienced in Tilt-Up Construction and Is Committed to Working with You to Build Smarter.

Backed by 20 Years of Experience:

  • Excelling at tilt-up construction since 2002
  • More than 80 structures completed
  • More than 3,000 panels tilted
  • Winner of many international Tilt-up Concrete Association Awards
  • Experts in a wide range of projects, including offices, warehouses, sports facilities and schools

Backed by Industry-Leading Experts:

  • Co-Founder Len Overbeek is one of the ‘Top 20 Tilt-Up Influencers’ in North America
  • Tilt Wall’s experienced staff works with your team to undertake your building project
  • Frequent exhibitor and speaker at industry-leading conferences

“Tilt-Wall [was] responsive, courteous, organized and above of all – SAFE. Tilt-wall was able to successfully coordinate several challenging structural and mechanical systems and reacted to client requests and change orders in a timely manner, which allowed for the successful occupancy of our school on schedule.”

David PittDivision Manager Grand Erie District School Board

The Tilt-Up Process - Tilt Wall Ontario

How Tilt-Up
Construction Works

Tilt-up construction (also known as ‘site-cast construction’) involves casting concrete wall panels on the building floor slab or a separate concrete casting slab. Exterior wall panels often have insulation panels sandwiched between layers of concrete to provide exceptional energy efficiency. The panels are then tilted into place one at a time and have joints sealed.

The Tilt-Up Process
Why Tilt-up - Tilt Wall Ontario

Tilt-Up Construction is
Fast, Durable and Cost-Effective

Tilt Wall takes the benefits of tilt-up construction to a whole new level. By forming walls on-site, a single building can have its schedule cut by weeks. By using large panels built of concrete, a tilt-up building will last longer and require less maintenance. And by using mostly local materials and reducing the amount of structural steel, tilt-up can greatly reduce your overall construction budget.

Why Tilt-Up Construction?

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