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Why Tilt-Up?

Making Ontario’s Construction Industry Faster, Stronger and More Efficient

There are many reasons why casting your concrete wall panels onsite using tilt-up construction is the better way to build. Tilt Wall is Ontario’s leader in tilt-up, helping to make your investment pay off for years to come.

Cost Effective

The walls of your building can be raised faster since each concrete panel is crafted onsite on concrete slabs. Local materials are chosen as much as possible, and fewer professional trades are needed.

Energy Efficiency

Using insulation sandwiched between large concrete panels creates walls with fewer thermal bridges and insulation R values as high as 50!

Architectural Freedom

Tilt Wall’s in-house design team will work with you to create a stunning solution with distinct design and aesthetic possibilities using form liners, reveals, coatings and even curved walls.


Along with being one of the strongest materials you can build with, concrete also resists corrosion, rotting, rust and insect infestation.

Speed of Construction

Many of the key activities are completed onsite, such as panel forming and concrete pouring, which expedites the process and results in a faster ROI for developers.

Reduced Maintenance

Concrete can last for decades with only minimal upkeep required.

Tilt-Up Works in Many Buildings

The Top Myths About Tilt-Up Construction

Every industry has its share of popular myths, and tilt-up construction is no different. Although there are myths are out there, we encourage you to do your own research and speak with us if you have concerns. We’re always here to dispel these common misconceptions and work with you to help us change false public perceptions.


Concrete panels cast onsite lack quality


Tilt-up panels are more likely to collapse in large storms


Tilt-up panels can only be used in buildings up to three storeys tall


Concrete walls are boring


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