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How Tilt Wall Helps Developers & Owners

Tilt-Up Construction for Developers

Create the value-added building that no one else can compete with! With so many variables going into design and construction, choose the method that developers consistently rely on: shorter schedules, higher durability, lower costs, simpler job sites and a faster ROI.

Tilt Wall’s team begins working alongside your engineer and architect on structure design, eventually transitioning to partner with your general contractor in the casting, curing and raising of each tilt-up panel. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen and gives you the value that you require in an ever-competitive marketplace.

A Faster Return on Your Investment

Cut weeks from your construction schedule through efficient tilt-up strategies.

Greater Benefits for Your Tenants

Your occupants will lower their energy costs, have significantly reduced soundproof walls and have fewer infestation complaints.

“This was my first personal experience with this interesting construction method and I can say that the Overbeek brother’s high level of experience and fair business dealings made the experience smooth and successful.”

Reynder Van der MeulenOperations Manager

Tilt-Up Construction for Owners

Show pride in your project with the great architectural versatility and appeal of a tilt-up-constructed building. On its surface is a beautifully finished exterior, which can include a world of textures, shapes and colours, but the real magic of tilt-up is inside the walls: where concrete and insulation come together to provide unmatched strength, versatility and energy efficiency.

It can all be done at a lower cost and at a faster speed than other methods of construction here in Ontario. Now’s the time to innovate your thinking and move building ownership into the 21st century.

Reduces Energy Expenses

Tilt-up reduces energy consumption through tri-layered panels made of concrete and insulation.

Soundproof Walls Eliminate Complaints

Concrete walls greatly reduce vibrations and noise.

Reduces Maintenance & Upkeep Costs

Concrete is resistant to mould, fire, water and insects, while being easy to clean.

“As working in Canada is a new venture for our firm it has been a great pleasure working with a company like yours that shows the same work ethic, professionalism, and commitment to quality and safety that we expect from our workers and subcontractors here in the USA.”

Ryan HarrisProject Manager

Tilt-Up Resources

Visit our Resources page to discover in-depth data and documentation, development brochures and articles on how tilt-up is a leading construction method here in Ontario.

Private Lunch & Learn

Does your team have an hour free to expand their mind? Request a personal introduction to tilt-up construction with Ontario’s leaders.

October 19, 2021

Building Types

Tilt-up construction is quickly becoming the backbone of Ontario’s preferred building applications.

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