Building Types

Building Types

Tilt-up construction is quickly becoming the backbone of Ontario’s preferred building applications. Whether you are building in an industrial zone, farm property, residential neighbourhood, commercial centre or cottage country, Tilt Wall can help to deliver an exceptional building every time.

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Schools & Universities

Forward-looking school boards in Ontario give Tilt Wall an A+ for their creative and practical ability to create safe, cost-effective and durable structures. Whether the project is an expansion of an existing educational building or a completely new structure, tilt-up construction is the flexible solution that gets high grades.


Condominiums & Apartments

Ontario’s need for housing is growing faster than ever before, with developers urgently seeking innovative ways to combat the growing crisis.



Ontario’s multi-use recreational buildings and public facilities can be built stronger, faster and less expensive by using tilt-up construction. Tilt Wall’s institutional success stories have been proven to reduce operational costs and simultaneously deliver a more durable structure that will last longer.

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Commercial & Industrial

Whether you’re in need of a robust manufacturing facility or flexible office spaces, a building constructed using site-cast tilt-up construction offers developers the structural requirements you need, while cutting your construction schedule, reducing costs and delivering an energy-efficient structure like no other.

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Warehousing & Distribution

Spacious, durable, flexible and low cost – this is what Ontario’s leading warehouse and fulfilment centre leaders require, and this is what Tilt Wall delivers. With tilt-up construction, a fulfillment centre’s structure can be completed in as little as a few months.



Ontario’s farmers celebrate concrete wall panels and their ability to be virtually fireproof while being resistant to rodents and bugs. The large panels also help to reduce air infiltration by up to 35%, which in turn means more money in farmers’ pockets.

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More than just a place to worship once a week, today’s churches need to be low-maintenance, voluminous and flexible gathering spaces for communities. Since construction funds often come from individuals, and not-for-profit corporations, it is even more important that every dollar is spent well. Tilt-up is the answer for Ontario’s churches.

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Let your imagination go wild and allow us to help you come up with a tilt-up solution for whatever project you have in mind. Our team has created secluded off-grid abodes, custom homes and many more custom site-cast tilt-up solutions.

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