Revolutionizing Tech Centre Construction: Tilt-Up Techniques for Speed and Efficiency

Tilt-up construction dramatically improves the construction process of technology centres, including server farms, IT facilities and data centres, more than conventional techniques. If your future facilities are based on advancing technology, the construction solution requires equally fast infrastructure deployment.

Tilt-up wall panels are built with thick concrete and insulation, minimizing thermal bridging and resulting in highly efficient walls that ensure high-tech facilities are constructed quickly and operate to meet the needs of the future.

Tilt Wall’s streamlined process minimizes construction timelines, ensuring that these critical facilities can become operational sooner, keeping pace with the ever-evolving demands of the technology industry.

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Advantages of Tilt-Up Construction for Tech Centre Construction

Energy Efficiency

Tilt-up construction’s innovative technique involves casting large wall panels on site. This reduces transportation costs and ensures much of the manual labour takes place safely at ground level, helping to reduce labour costs. The load-bearing properties of tilt-up construction also greatly reduce the amount of steel required.

Cost Effective

When you choose tilt-up construction the walls of your technology centre can be raised faster since each concrete panel is crafted onsite on ground-level concrete slabs. Local materials are chosen as much as possible, and fewer professional trades are needed.

Speed of Construction

The simplicity and efficiency of the tilt-up construction process can reduce timelines for server farms and data centres substantially. Many of the key activities are completed onsite, such as panel forming and concrete pouring, which expedites the process and results in a faster ROI for developers.

All-in-one Wall System

Tilt-up panels are created on-site on the facility’s concrete slab or a separate casting slab. This allows most wall features to be included in the wall before it is tilted into place.

Each wall includes an architectural finish (patterns, colours etc.), durable concrete air barrier, insulation, load-bearing concrete and the interior finish. Each wall also has openings for windows and doors, and conduits with electrical boxes. Once in place, you will be surprised at how little there is left to do.

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