How Tilt Wall Helps Homeowners

Tilt-Up Construction for Homeowners

Homeowners in Ontario want their new custom home to be exceptional in every way. They want cost savings, energy efficiency, durability and fast construction. Fortunately, Tilt Wall Ontario uses the power of tilt-up construction to deliver this and much more. Our team of project managers and designers work hand-in-hand with homeowners, architects and general contractors to give homeowners a superior home structure.

Each tilt-up home is custom designed for you. We look at your wants and needs, then work with your architect to lay out a plan that suits them all. Our crews form the wall panels on the concrete floor, or separate temporary casting slabs, and craft the panels right onsite: pouring the concrete, laying insulation, installing embeds, and pouring the second layer of concrete. Once cured, each panel is carefully lifted into place to form one of the strongest, more durable, energy-efficient homes in Ontario.

Do you have a design idea? Share it with our design team! Tilt-up homes are so much more than concrete boxes – and we look forward to working with you to make your new dream home a reality soon.

Reduce Future Energy Expenses With High-Efficiency Walls

Tilt-up reduces energy consumption through tri-layered wall panels.

Build Your Home Faster With Onsite Wall Panel Fabrication

We have erected custom homes in Ontario in as little as four months. Even in winter!

Enjoy a More Durable Home Built Using Concrete Tilt-Up Panels

Strong concrete and effective construction techniques combine to create long-lasting homes.

Reduce Maintenance & Upkeep Costs With Concrete Panels

Concrete is resistant to mould, fire, water and insects, while being easy to clean.

Tilt Wall Project Managers Help to Keep Construction on Schedule

From design to fabrication to lifting, Tilt Wall helps to manage the completion of a tilt-up home structure.

“I would recommend Tilt Wall Ontario to any company looking for quality services as you have shown to us that under the most extreme weather, schedule and complex conditions you will perform and do so with outstanding performance and professionalism.”

Ryan HarrisProject Manager

October 19, 2021

Building Types

Tilt-up construction is quickly becoming the backbone of Ontario’s preferred building applications.

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