Less maintenance and more strength with tilt-up construction

Tilt-up construction is Ontario farmers’ natural choice when they require hygienic and durable buildings. With facility walls built from high-efficiency insulation and two layers of concrete, farmers can worry less knowing that their structure is virtually fireproof and impenetrable by rodents and insects.

Tilt-up also comes at an affordable price, considering all of the benefits farmers receive before, during and after construction. If you’re an Ontario farmer in need of a superior structure look no further than Tilt Wall and its team of agricultural construction experts.

“The work was completed on schedule by a very professional crew. They come prepared to work and are safety conscious which is a part of the GRC culture.

Other subtrades commented on how ”square and true” the building was which made it a pleasure to work on the next stage of construction.

We look forward to working with you on future projects.”

Len BrunenProject Manager

Why Do Farmers Choose Tilt-Up Construction?


Successful farm operators require superior shelter for their temperature-sensitive organic matter and valuable equipment. Every tilt-up structure built by Tilt Wall Ontario provides its owners with solid concrete walls that are extremely strong, durable, and require very little maintenance. Minor vehicular or animal incidents rarely leave marks, while cleaning up after animals has never been easier.

Environmental Impact Reduction

Since tilt-up panels are cast onsite, there is very little waste. Dimensional lumbered used to create wall panel forms is reused, and the construction site footprint is often only slightly larger than the footprint of the building itself.

Tilt Wall chooses to use local ready-mix suppliers, so shipments from afar are few. Only specialized steel components such as braces, inserts, brackets and anchors require shipping.

Fire and Sound Resistant

Safety and sound protection are paramount on every agricultural site, which is why Tilt Wall and its many satisfied agricultural customers are big supporters of tilt-up construction. The large concrete panels are essentially fireproof, helping to inhibit the spread of fire, while tri-layered walls (including a layer of additional sound-deafening insulation) put an immediate stop to loud noises from heavy machinery and animals.

Tilt-Up Can Reduce Construction Costs and Long-Term Expenses

Like any successful business, a key way to gauge the success of an agricultural operation is when a farmer looks at the bottom line. That’s why farmers who choose tilt-up construction for their farm operations show such appreciation for what Tilt Wall does. The initial tilt-up construction cost is often less than other methods and materials, while the long-term cost savings can be seen starting from the day the building is completed. Simple materials, ground-level construction work and high R-value insulation all work together to reduce your costs.

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