Video: Join us at the OASBO Conference on July 10-13 in Huntsville, ON

Tilt-Up For Schools - TiltWall Ontario

With a growing student population in Ontario, Canada, flocking already overcrowded and aging facilities, there is a tremendous need for new or renovated educational facilities completed on a tight schedule. But, beyond space issues there also is a growing concern about indoor air quality, sustainability, mold and a tighter building envelope.

As such, communities are turning to site cast Tilt-Up construction as a long-term, energy efficient and durable solution for their schools in Canada. The quality and durability of both concrete and Tilt-Up construction make it an obvious choice for school boards seeking to ensure a long-lasting usable life for their facilities.

Join us at the OASBO Conference

Tilt Wall will represent the future of school construction at the OASBO Conference in Huntsville, Ontario on July 10-13.

By building schools using Tilt-Up we create safe & healthy learning environments that are fire & tornado proof while saving up to 20% in construction & energy cost. Our goal is to create safe & healthy learning environments for our future generation while generating massive savings in construction cost and energy bills.

The Benefits of Tilt-Up For Schools

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