Scott Young Public School Addition

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Scott Young Public School Addition

Project Details

The Scott Young Public School Addition in Omemee, Ontario, stands as a testament to the remarkable capabilities of tilt-up construction. Crafted by the skilled team at Barry Bryan Associates (BBA), this 11,000-square-foot expansion showcases the endless possibilities inherent in this innovative building method.

With 57 tilt-up panels forming its framework, this addition defies expectations, demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of tilt-up techniques. BBA’s thoughtful use of four distinct formliners, carefully arranged to replicate the gentle contours of rolling hills, highlights the extraordinary potential of tilt-up construction to create visually stunning and unique architectural designs.

By harnessing the flexibility of tilt-up methods, BBA has created a space that seamlessly harmonizes with its surroundings while pushing the boundaries of traditional architectural aesthetics. This project serves as a prime example of how tilt-up construction can inspire creativity and elevate the built environment to new heights, opening doors to endless architectural possibilities.


Location & Year

27 Walnut Street West, Omemee Ontario

General Contractor

Dalren Limited


Barry Bryan Associates


Trillium Lakelands District School Board


Building Footprint

10,850 Square Feet

# Of Panels


Non-Insulated Panel Area

4,000 Square Feet

Insulated Panel Area

9,600 Square Feet

Largest Panel

478 Square Feet

Widest Panel

34 Feet

Tallest Panel

14 Feet

Panel Finish


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