Three Ways to Reduce Your Labour Costs

Labourers tilting tilt-up panel in place in Ontario, Canada.

If you are a construction professional in Ontario, you are well aware that the current economic conditions have resulted in a major issue facing developers – there are not enough labourers to complete necessary projects on time and on budget. 

A key way that many contractors, developers and engineers reduce reliance and costs for labour is by using tilt-up construction. This innovative construction technique involves casting concrete wall panels onsite and tilting them into place. This allows panels to be fully insulated, built larger and completed faster than many other methods. 

So, how do you lower your labour costs with tilt-up?

Choose Tilt-up Construction to Reduce Labour By 30% 

Projects that involve tilt-up panels require fewer labourers. The work is simpler than other projects if you were to use structural steel, brick cast-in-place concrete or stone, plus the ease of building large panels helps to reduce redundancies.

For an expansion at Humber College, there was simply not enough space for extra of anything, including a sizeable workforce. The site was also next to a fire route, which required access at all times. With no room for labourers, and a very small footprint to operate in, tilt-up construction was chosen.

The project was able to complete all of its major goals in the space provided, plus meet the College’s sustainability goals, with a thermally efficient design that will help to lower energy costs for decades to come.

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Most Tilt-up Construction Work Takes Place at Ground Level

The almost constant ground-level access means that getting to work is faster without having to navigate cranes, scaffolding and lifts. This efficiency helps to lower labour and labour-related costs. 

When you consider the sheer size of some of the fulfillment centres building built in Ontario today, there are similarly large-scale labour savings to be found in an 855,000-square-foot building that when in development was referred to as “Project Dakota”. Any other construction method would have required months of heavy equipment use, but since 90% of tasks took place at ground level, the project saw significant cost savings. 

Choose Tilt-up Construction to Use Local Labour

Your construction team doesn’t have to cover long distances to complete a day’s work. 

Skilled local crews are hired to build, tilt and finish the panels, while Tilt Wall employees will help to consult and manage the project.

Yes, there will always be a learning curve, but supporting local labour and reducing transportation will always be an efficient way to operate a business.

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Tilt-up Construction Addresses Your Labour Dilemma

There has never been a better time to think differently about how buildings can be constructed to exceed your project’s expectations while also lowering your labour costs. When you choose tilt-up construction, you will need fewer labourers, reduce costs with ground-level tasks and also be able to tap into the strong local workforce. 

Reach out to our business development team today to learn more about the benefits of tilt-up construction for your next project right here in Ontario. We look forward to quoting your project soon!

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