Tilt-Up Construction Solves Supply Chain Challenges


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to force consumers to shop online in ever-increasing numbers, developers must quickly construct facilities that can easily adapt to addressing how our global economy will constantly evolve.

From warehouses to distribution centres to fulfillment centres, the wonderful world of logistics is ever-changing and unpredictable to say the least. One thing for certain is that online shopping is here to stay, and more buyers and sellers are moving to internet retailing than ever before.

From a logistics perspective, pivoting massive buildings to accomplish this feat is much easier said than done. Large facilities built of insulated concrete panels using tilt-up construction methods are the perfect solution for suiting whatever requirements a developer needs for their building today, or 50 years from now, whatever the future may bring.

Tilt-Up Construction Can Be Used Wherever You Need It

One thing for certain is that online shopping is here to stay, and more buyers and sellers are moving to internet retailing than ever before. Tilt-up construction methods primarily use local concrete, and so can be used in metropolitan areas or rural sites – wherever ready-mix plants can supply it.

Tilt-Up Buildings are Perfect for Large Enclosed Buildings, However You Will Use Them

Large storage buildings have a myriad of reasons to exist – transporting goods, fulfilling customer orders, wholesale warehousing, material distribution and much more. Although some construction methods favour a particular use, tilt-up construction is adaptable to all needs, including complex requirements like refrigeration. Temperature-sensitive storage in particular enjoys the benefits of insulated wall panels and the thermal barriers of concrete and insulation in tilt-up panels.

Tilt-Up Buildings Require Labour With Few Specialized Skills

Whether you’re constructing a warehouse for an online fulfillment business or distribution centre, tilt-up does not require your construction crew to be highly skilled to succeed in erecting a building. This can save time in recruiting talent and lower your labour costs.

Tilt-Up Works Any Time Throughout the Year

Temperatures do not slow down tilt-up’s speed of construction. Even in winter, insulated concrete panels can cure with ease, although heating blankets may be required. Immediately after the building is erected occupants will instantaneously begin receiving the benefits of the tilt-up panels’ insulation.

Tilt-Up Buildings Adapt to the World They’re Constructed In

Tilt-up construction is adaptable to economics, locations, labour availability, working conditions and anything else that comes its way. With lower construction costs, long-lasting durability and energy conservation, a superior building method simply does not yet exist.

Learn more about the adaptability of tilt-up construction by speaking with our in-house tilt-up specialists today.