Tilt Wall Ontario Wins Two International Tilt-Up Achievement Awards


Woodstock, Ontario (November 2, 2020) Tilt Wall Ontario Inc. has been honoured with two awards Tilt-Up Achievement Awards for its off-grid Burk’s Falls residence project and affordable-housing project in Belleville.

One award was given for the Home for Good, located in Belleville. The three-storey, 41-unit apartment building for individuals who are currently or at risk of being homeless is a prime example of tilt-up construction perfection. Tilt Wall’s project timeline was tight, but was able to cast the concrete sandwich panels during the winter months using ground thaw units and a heated floor slab. The exterior of the building uses a combination of thin brick and textured paint to give it a clean but durable look.

Vella Residence – Burks Falls, ON

The eco-friendly tilt-up residence in Burk’s Falls not only received a Tilt-Up Achievement Award, but a rare Excellence in Achievement Award, which score the highest in architectural and engineering creativity, and construction ingenuity.

“We wanted to build a home that didn’t require any heat at all and came up with a design that we thought could achieve it,” says Joe Vella of his award-winning residence. “Things happened very quickly and the [tilt-up] process worked very well…They formed the walls, poured the concrete and did the finishing in just over a month or so, with time for the concrete to cure.”

Innovation with Tilt-Up Construction

The worldwide recognition of these two projects highlights the need for the building industry to innovate as construction techniques improve and grow.

“Both structures are incredibly durable, airtight and a great example of tilt-up construction’s capability,” says Len Overbeek, co-founder of Tilt Wall Ontario Inc. “We’re thrilled to have been chosen to work on these projects and showcase the benefits of tilt-up construction to not only Ontario, but the world.”

Since 2002, Tilt Wall Ontario has delivered tilt-up construction solutions that give owners lasting beauty and value, impacting the lives of those around them in a positive way. The business has become a leader in tilt-up construction, a cost-effective, energy-efficient and durable building method with great architectural versatility and appeal. It involves casting concrete walls onsite, and tilting them into their final position.

Learn more about Tilt Wall Ontario and its innovative design and construction techniques at www.tiltwall.ca.

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